Yuan Zhu is a multimedia practitioner currently based in Plymouth and Shanghai. She specialises in a range of digital mediums including photography, filmmaking and animation. She believes that all forms of arts and culture are worth spreading, and media are tools to share the aesthetics of life. All of Yuan’s works have high production values and mostly focus on capturing the emotional moments in fleeting memories.


When people interact with each other across different languages, the gap between culture seems inevitable. This stop-motion animation focuses on four words from different countries. Some of them invented by what we have seen in daily life, and some described indistinct feelings and very precise emotional experiences that are often neglected. In fact, there are lots of words from languages all over the world have no direct English equivalent. Thanks to Tim Lomas’s ‘Positive Lexicography Project’ and Ella Frances Sanders’s book ‘Lost in Translation’, they offer us a very different way to see this world and a more nuanced understanding of ourselves.