UPTV (University of Plymouth TV) is an online television channel created for students by students. We, as a production crew, set out to give the students of Plymouth University fun and engaging content on a fortnightly basis. We achieved this by having a variety of shows that not only appealed to a variety of demographics, but also provided an interactive and engaging experience for their viewers. Our shows consisted of: Fantastic Beats & Where to Find Them, Copy & Paste, Student Arena, Student Life: Cooking & Roundtable Ramblings. All of which can be found at:

Throughout the past academic year, the UPTV production crew (Dmitri, Sam, Kyle, Chloe & Jamie) have all worked tirelessly to bring the students of Plymouth University a fresh, new take on student television. As a team, they have spent the past 9 months incorporating all of their unique individual traits into what is now seen as UPTV (University of Plymouth TV). Dmitri Domoskanov brought his fierce leadership skills to help lead / direct the group in the right direction, assisting all members of the team with their own individual projects when needed. Sam Shaw oversaw the majority of UPTV’s documentation and policies whilst also assisting in a variety of different jobs around the crew (Directing, Sound operation, etc). Kyle Christie, the designer of the team, spent a large portion of his time designing graphics for not only his own show (Student Arena) but also the rest of the team’s projects as well. This also included the LIVE shows that the team participated in. Jamie Bridgeman oversaw the majority of technical roles, these included Lighting, Sound & Editing. Finally, Chloe Myers oversaw all of UPTV’s social media accounts. Alerting the students of Plymouth University whenever a new episode of a certain show was about to go live.