Toby is a media artist who specialises in moving image, sound and music. Toby is soon embarking on a short UK tour with local Plymouth musicians Matthew Gordon Price & Jamie Yost as a bassist in both bands, he will also be contributing visual projections during the live performances. Toby has also worked in several different media production companies around the UK, including Maniac Films in Croyde, North Devon and Kinetal Media in Leicester. Toby now specialises in environment and landscape films based around British seasons where Toby writes the music alongside the production of the film.


The film ‘Winter Requiem’ captures the ‘death’ of winter and the ‘rebirth’ of spring. Rebirth is a continual theme throughout the film, poem and equipment used. Toby has also written a piece of music alongside the film, collaborating with Falmouth musician, Rí, with a poem written by B.M Tree & Marco Venditto.