Tasha Scagell is a filmmaker and photographer with a wide range of knowledge and experience working in different fields. She has produced a promotional video with KTM Motorcycles; collaborated with peers and directed a short film called Bipolar Paradox and she indulges in many different types of photography embracing unconventional techniques, such as using crystal balls. Tasha has embraced Media Arts at Plymouth University and is now seeking to defy conventions, challenge established norms and push the potential of creative ideas.


Light, movement and sound are woven into the fabric of film. How we interpret them is subjective, their relationship undeniable, and this film seeks to explore this. Answers are not formal, evident within these three elements form the basis of so much art. There is a tapestry of bonds between stillness or movement, darkness or light and silence or sound. This short film combines a dancer, lighting techniques and a fusion of music to create an experience. You are invited to reflect on this relationship and in accordance with the nature of art you need not conclude, just interpret.