Shannon focuses on producing still images that are either commercial or narrative using her comprehensive skillset within photography, specifically in post-production editing. Through extensive research and practical experimentation, she has substantially expanded her personal and commercial portfolio. Shannon specifically works on experimental work to aid her further career goal to be an art and design teacher to secondary school students. Upon completion of the degree Shannon hopes to have built up a further substantial body of work from university projects and personal business
projects. The ambition is also for Shannon Conway Photography to become an established wedding and events photographer in the south west.


The project focuses on individual perception and the telling of a narrative within experimental photography. The idea questions the subjectivity of
outcomes interpreted by audiences. The experiments range from hand manipulation to Photoshop distortion. Working with different mediums allows
the project to take a free flowing approach to the production of final outcomes. The final intention would be for an outcome to be interpreted in
ways according to the viewer based on perception and perspective.