Scott Mills is a budding young media artist who is currently based in Plymouth. Throughout his time at university, he has experimented with multiple different mediums, but has narrowed his main focus down to photography as this is the area he wants to pursue a career in, mainly war photography. His works focuses around the topics of mental health and loss but has changed themes when needed to. His main strength is that he likes to use photography as a means to find the real emotions within people. He has also created a personal website (with its own domain name) to display his professional portfolio which consists of both photography and videography.


One in ten children and young people in the UK aged five to sixteen are affected by a mental health problem. ‘Don’t Go’ was created in homage to those effected by a mental health disorder. ‘Don’t Go’ is a short film that uses a mixture of two mediums: videography and poetry to tell the story and explores the effects of loss on children and young people. People always attempt to put on a brave face when they’ve been effected by loss of someone they know, this film aims to acknowledge those effected.