Sam Shaw is an Editor / Director based in Plymouth. Whether it be through a bold editing choice or a fresh directing style, Sam has devoted the past five years of his academic life to crafting himself into the filmmaker / content creator he is today. With a combined total of 62 productions over the past five years, both big and small, he has honed his skills as both an editor and as a director. He insists on editing his own productions to ensure that his vision as a director (or a client’s vision) is translated well into the edit.


“In July 2017, my Nana passed away. Parts of my life that once felt whole, began to feel empty without her. Her passing left a huge impact on my family, none more than my granddad, Bob. As the time came to begin production on my final University project, it dawned on me that one of the few people that got to see me grow as a person throughout my sixteen years of academic life wouldn’t get to see me graduate. So, this is my tribute to her. To my Nana, June.”