Meredith is a filmmaker, aspiring director and camera operator interested in a range of stylistic approaches surrounding emotion (e.g. documentary, promotion and drama). Her technical ability lies in film and camera work, accompanied by the capability to visualise a completed project. Meredith’s organisation and visual skillset allow her to complete work at a high production standard. She has worked alongside and collaboratively with professional producers and directors, allowing her portfolio to demonstrate a variety of filming techniques.


Despite the FA banning women’s football from competing within its grounds due to their belief that the game was “quite unsuitable for females”, the first Women’s Football Association (WFA) was formed in 1969. ELEVEN is a short documentary following one players 12-year personal journey through the women’s football industry. The documentary raises both awareness for the club (Aston Villa Ladies, AVLFC) as well as industry trepidations surrounding the pay gap, through the use of archive footage and cinematography.