Laura is a media practitioner, passionate about health and fitness. She has created promotional videos for Antics Fitness in Surrey and aspires to work in the fitness industry herself, after qualifying as a health coach. Whilst aspiring towards her career goals, Laura hopes to continue creating media based promotions for fitness companies as well as her own, to help them seek recognition. As well as this, Laura has a true interest in social media – especially Instagram – and how we are fooled all too easily by what we absorb online.


From decade to decade the perfect body adapts, causing some individuals to alter the way they look on Photoshop and mobile apps, to conform to what society deems perfect. Barbie has always been a strong topic of debate, seeing as her slender tall body shape has stayed consistent throughout the years. Which asks the question, if Barbie used Instagram, would she stick with her thin 50’s physique? Or would she use
Photoshop to situate herself into the ever-growing online community of fitness