Kyle Christie is an Animator & Film maker. He has been studying media for 6 years, and has done a few freelance jobs such as promo videos and photography. Kyle’s main focus and dream is to work in the animation, CGI and game industries. He plans to harness skills in 3D animation & Graphic Design to improve his portfolio.With over 5 years of collaboration experience, working on projects whether they are big or small, Kyle can work efficiently with his colleagues & clients. Kyle is dedicated and passionate about storytelling wanting to bring his ideas to life.


This is a short film that uses music to lead the narrative, the music is meant to emotionally link the actors on screen and the audience. The film is a second world war, dystopia focused on a husband & wife’s love & affection to one another. The hour glass is the main symbolic theme and is to represent the start & end of the journey of the characters & music. The goal of this film is to show the power of music, atmosphere and emotionalism and why they are such key components to any films success.