James Cox is a videographer, musician and motion graphics artist with nearly a decade in creative practice.  Working mainly in commercial based media, James has worked with businesses and charities, building online profiles and creating social media based advertising. With a firm base in commercial media, James has developed a love for documentary film and creative storytelling.


‘How to be Funny’ (2018) is an exploratory documentary, glimpsing into the world of stand-up comedy.  Using academic theory and historical information as the starting block for his journey, James works with comedians, to workshop and build a comic routine, culminating in James’ first time on stage. The film isn’t just about comedy, but is also an attempt by the filmmaker to break the cycle of modern mundanity afflicted upon the curious mind in the 21st century.  The filmmaker attempts to try something new, outside of his comfort zone, as an exercise in the pursuit of one’s goals.  In short:


‘Don’t be bored, be funny…’’