Emily is a versatile freelance videographer, and aspiring film cinematographer based in North Devon. Her video artistry and technical aptitudes allow her to generate professional standard projects, and recent involvement on various television productions have equipped Emily with industry relevant knowledge and noticeable creativity. Specialising in the filming side of projects, she relishes working on location. With a tangible passion for sports and the natural environment; Emily always endeavours to explore and perfect a wide variety of camera skills as a means of enticing and engaging new audiences. As a result, her media ventures are visually alluring and completed to a professional calibre.


This instructional film explores the wondrous benefits of Yoga practice through a guided Vinyasa (the linking of ones breath with body movement) flow sequence. Located in a tranquil North Devon beach setting and presented by a professional Yoga instructor with the assistance of a supporting Yogi; this video aims to inspire individuals of all abilities to attempt the art that is Yoga, and thus experience the mind, body and spirit fulfilment, and general well-being through its practice.