Ellie is a British film maker and cinematographer with over 8 years experience in a variety of mediums including film and photography. She is passionate about generating emotional viewer responses, finding inspiration from light, colour and the world and people around her. She enjoys experimenting with different subjects, styles and techniques across multiple platforms including short films, documentaries and digital formats. And through working alongside a variety of professional bodies over the years, Ellie has managed to improve her technical ability and develop her personal cinematic shooting style.


Perception can refer to the way in which our brains receive the information of a place, for example, sight, sound and smell. However, we also respond using memories from our previous experiences. Therefore, is perception absolute or is it a mixture of what we are seeing in front of us and what we already know about a place?

‘Through their eyes’ is a multimedia participatory project exploring this relationship through a series of experimental polaroid photographs of Britains ocean city, Plymouth, and its inhabitants. Using experimental techniques such as double exposure and emulsion lifts the polaroids have all been manipulated by the environment or the people of Plymouth.