Elizabeth Jones is an aspiring artist specialising in Social Media work as well asalongside Photography.  She uses, both film and digital. As well as this, Elizabeth has made short films and has also exhibited interactive pieces for her audiences. Throughout her three years in Plymouth, she has developed a strong interest in the affects of litter pollution on the ocean, especially around  and the South West coast. For her future career, Elizabeth would like to become an Environmental Artist, working with organisations to make create work to be used to promote campaigns and educate people.


‘Our Plastic Coast’ is a research based piece, displaying the categories of litter found on the South West Coast. The piece simply shows the collections found on the beaches. The project aims to shine a light on what the main contributors are to the litter and debris found., Elizabeth is hopinghopefully this will encouraging encourage the audience to change their attitudes towards single use plastics and other items. All of the pieces in the images were found and collected by Elizabeth.