Elias’ interests into the realm of photography peaked when he first played
around with his granddad’s ancient camera; thus leading him to be now an
aspiring photographer and videographer. Even though he is red and green colour blind, his videos still have a very edgy edits and his photography; which is a mixture of model and urban that has a different feel to them. Setting it apart from many photography styles. He isn’t afraid to break boundaries and stand out by showing the model’s personality, which shows off his skills in a different limelight, and sets him apart from the crowd.


The project is capturing the essence of the model’s personality; instead of them seeing them as just materialistic models you’ll see them as the raw form that they are and what makes them different from each other and the 7 billion people in this world. The second part of the project was to capture the different personalities of three very different cities/areas. Where Soho was artsy and fast paced, Bristol also very fast paced, which has a rich history with people being very proud of its origins. Moreover, Plymouth as a fun sea side town. Each video has its own edit style to fit its personality.