Dmitri is a dedicated stop-motion animator who also specialises in film and editing. Mastering stop-motion animation skills for over 13 years Dmitri established his unique style. His works are critically acclaimed by many international festivals as a high level technical production work with deep and meaningful stories. 

Dmitri’s passion is to evolve production of nowadays stop-motion animations by joining such companies as Aardman and Laika, together with continuing producing his own animation works as a freelancer.

For over 7 years of collaboration with different film and TV companies where he edited promotions, music videos and shortfilms Dmitri mastered editing skills.



Stop-motion animation in the genre of thriller and horror. This piece reflects on author’s inner world and aims to create strong emotional connection between viewers and the main character. It was done in unique artistic style: dark colour palette, static shots, long takes and no dialogue. We Own Nothing is the main idea that will be shown throughout the story. Animation was done in collaboration with a composer Calum Ruaidhri Clark who produced a full album of official soundtrack to this piece.