Courtney is an experimental photographer and aspiring animator based in Hampshire. Her work involves a mixed media approach which allows her to combine her interests in different art forms, this creates a personal connection with the work she produces. Her experimental work ethic means her art is constantly changing through discovery of new techniques and methods. Courtney has a strong interest in 3D animation, however, stop-motion animation is her current medium – combining paper cut outs with plasticine models to create her work.


Chasing Plastic Jellyfishes is a stop-motion animation which explores current ecological issues regarding plastic. “Right now, an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic – everything from plastic bottles and bags to microbeads­ – end up in our oceans each year.” (Greenpeace, 2018) Her animation uses plasticine to bring a playful and colourful quality to the piece in order to educate an eclectic audience about the dangers of plastic waste for marine life. Courtney uses handmade plasticine models to show the harsh reality of plastic pollution, helping to convey the message to audiences in a sensitive manner.