Catherine Carnegie is a filmmaker and aspiring director/producer based in the South West of England, with work ranging from narrative to documentary films. Catherine has a strong interest in the human existence and global community, and has developed a passion for exploring these through her film-making. She likes to experiment with alternative filming techniques and film psychology to draw the audience away from their comfort zone and into new perspectives.


THIS WORLD IS is a performative reflection of the concept of Wanderlust; the human connection; social media vs the spectacle, and perspective through travel. Drawing inspiration from Kevin Macdonald’s Life in a Day (2011), this essay film uses crowdsourced videos and interviews, alongside vlog-style reflections to explore a variety of topics – How travel can change perspective; whether wanderlust can be achieved closer to home, and how social media and modern technologies affect both human connection and our perception of global issues. Deliberately switching between the mundane and cinematic in both content and form, this film aims to provide an ‘antidote’ to the spectacle, and provoke self-awareness in relation to global community.