Ajla Salkicevic is a multi-media artist that thrives in creating hard hitting factual based work that represents real time issues. She has a passion for representing the injustice that many minorities face in today’s world through the use of her experimental photomontages. Ajla wants to challenge societies opinions through the use of storytelling and representing people’s lives to create awareness within the use of images and words.


Ajla’s work is a multimedia tapestry that displays the journey that most Syrian refugees have to experience and endure when trying to reach the UK. By utilising various images from media sources Ajla has shown the different perspectives that the mass media use to present refugees in today’s society. The tapestry represents how refugees still face backlash and hostility from societies around the world and how this has to change. Ajla hopes to show the treacherous and cruel journey that a refugee has to take just find safety and protection for themselves.