Adela is an Experimental Photographer and Mixed Media Artist specializing in Analogue Photography. The imperfection and materiality within the analogue process is one of her main interests. Adela’s concept is to build on the boundaries of analogue photography combined with the aesthetic this creates. Adela is a design and textiles artist and these skills are bought to life in her work which has created a unique portfolio.
“…If you want to get noticed, do yourself a favour and stop pursuing perfection, because that’s exactly what everyone else is doing.
Pursue the imperfect instead.” (Erik Kessels, 2016).


March is a personal project that questions what it means to be feminine. In a world where gynecology is seen as a dirty word how can women be expected to feel feminine when faced with illnesses such as Endometriosis.
Created as a personal outlet of anger and frustrations towards my illness – March is a piece of work that is visually pretty and feminine, laced with contradictory concepts of what it is to be a female with gynecological ‘issues’ in a society where such a concept is a taboo topic – yet femininity is all the rage.