PROJECT TITLE: Where Words Come To Life 


“A cinematographer is a visual psychiatrist – moving an audience through a movie and making them think the way you want them to think” – Gordon Willis.  

Where Words Come To Life is an experimental project that focuses closely on the link between poetry and filmmaking, looking specifically at it from a feminist perspective including three poems by contemporary poet, Nikita Gill. Each one is told from a different perspective that is symbolic of real women, grasping onto the diverse characteristics and outlooks on the world that each character has. Looking to create that link between poetry and filmmaking, Where Words Come To Life looks closely as mind imagery and attempts to string the story together by using visuals of inanimate objects, showing that our minds (based on our backgrounds, values and beliefs) can conjure different images upon hearing the same word. When the word ‘apple’ is used, you may picture something red and shiny whereas the person beside you might imagine something green and rotting. Where Words Come To Life is a film that is made up of my own personal thoughts, in an attempt to provoke the viewer into creating their own through the use of props and foley sound too over something that everybody seems to have an opinion over in this day and age; feminism. 




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