PROJECT TITLE: (Un)Natural World 


‘(Un)Natural World’ highlights the smaller impacts on the environment caused by copper and tin mining around the River Tamar. With global warming ever becoming more inevitable, its easy to see the impacts on the environment on the large scale, but not so much the small.  

This installation highlights the amount of arsenic in the River Tamar released into the streams by the mining from the 1800s through to the 1950s. Although arsenic contamination on this scale isn’t of concern it is still important to note that during the mining era, the water itself would have been toxic to many animals and plants around the area. A result of yellow to red in testing will conclude the levels within a sample. As this gradual increase of contamination occurs it can go un-noticed by the human eye. Like this installation, pollution is only noticed at two different time intervals, yet is always a gradual change. 


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