PROJECT TITLE: Sexualised Advertising 


The aim of this project is to compare a normal, child-friendly advertisement, to a heavily sexualised advertisement that has become a normality today. I chose to create an ad for Vans as it’s a well-known brand with a specific identity and targeted customer base. It is not known for them to use sex in their campaigns. Therefore, the main goal for my project is to create a sexualised ad for a brand that has never done it before. I wanted to balance on the edge of what is still accepted in society and what is controversial and provocative. The purpose of this project is to depict how sex used in advertising can change a whole perception of the brand.  

I wrote my dissertation on the art of provocation in the film industry, which inspired and led me to continue exploring the art of provocation in further fields. In a time where social media influencers and bloggers are becoming some of the most relevant public figures and where sex can be used in any promotional work for anything, I decided to follow up with my work and see if my sexualised ad for Vans would be as effective in a real life situation or if it would extenuate the divide of opinions. 




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