PROJECT TITLE: A Bite of China 


A photography book about Chinese food culture, including cooking methods, food materials design and vivid stories to show the features of 8 dishes from different regions. Chinese people like cooking. For many overseas students like me, studying abroad is also a good opportunity to improve cooking skills, so that we could enjoy hometown dishes anytime.  

Nowadays, Chinese cuisine is becoming popular in different countries all around the world, especially the Chinese restaurants representing Sichuan cuisine and Cantonese cuisine loved by many foreigners. However, when talking about Chinese food, most people only come up with these two regions, the spicy Sichuan dishes and mild Cantonese flavours. There’re also many dishes from other regions of China, along with unique cooking methods, the memories in the deep heart of every single Chinese.  

I aim to introduce Chinese cuisine in different regions towards my audience, the people who are interested in food and culture. Wish you enjoy a special food journey. 


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