PROJECT TITLE: Drag is quite simply… Pursuing Passion 


Drag is quite simply, Pursuing passion. The art of Drag is one that many know little about. It is an art that is as old as the Greeks, yet it is still seen by many to be a taboo subject. Drag is a passion that many spend their whole life pursuing and perfecting purely to entertain you, the audience. Drag has no limits and In Drag, you can be anyone. To be a Drag Queen is to be your best self.  

I created this project to shed light on the art of Drag, to allow people a glimpse into this mysterious world and to prove that Drag is beautiful. I have focused on Drag throughout my three years of university. A poetic tale of justice for the profession from my first-year documentary ‘A Day in the life of a Drag Queen’ all the way to my final photographic installation. These prints were purposely printed as large as possible to give the audience an up close and personal look at what goes into being a Drag Queen and the contrast between themselves and their Drag counterparts. 


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