PROJECT TITLE: Eroded Conservation 


Eroded Conservation is a project representing the damage household chemicals do to the environment. She came up with this idea in response to the recent Climate Change rallies and demonstrations that have been going on around the World. She created some of the images by soaking the undeveloped film in everyday liquids to show how bad they are when we wash them away into nature. Other images were made by submerging developed negatives in the corrosive substances. She wanted this project to raise awareness for how humans are affecting our world.  

The selection of photographs were taken over a period of 2 months, and the soaking of the film lasted anywhere from a few seconds to over 48 hours to create the effects on the negatives. She believes this highlights just how corrosive and damaging these materials are, and seeing how they just get used and discarded without a thought raises concerns about our ever-growing consumption habits. 





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