This is a documentary film about the life of GOTO Japanese restaurant owner who called Tang. The title of my project is “GOTO” which is a play word because the restaurant’s name is “GOTO” and it is Tang’s family name. The focus of the film is on discussing the past and present developments of the restaurant and share his thoughts from studying animation major to open a Japanese restaurant. The use of montage visual effects on the clips and VHS effects. I reduced the resolution and increased the dryness in the film. I hope to give audiences a memory of watching an open-air movie with friends and family during the summer.  

I also interviewed the clerk and his wife about the details of his lifestyle. I want to make the video as detailed as possible. The reason why I chose Tang as the main character is that I am very passionate about Japanese cuisine including culture. Second, his major is an animation related to media arts. I want to know why he did not work in a related major. The third reason is that I am facing graduate from university and I am a little confused about the future. I want to share his experience with him.  

Through this project, I want to brand myself through the project. Create the style I like. I hope that audiences from this video can feel that this is not a boring documentary, but more like a self-expression work. 


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