The line begins with the artist expressing his artistic accomplishment and emotional experience through painting, which is based on aesthetics. Different lines will produce different visual perceptions. My project is about people’s regrets. As we know, everyone has regrets, regret may be people or things, it may be a doll you lost at the age of five, it could also be a pet you lost last year. In order to evoke people’s memories of past, make up for some regrets about the past, I created a series moving images about regrets, use the white lines and dark background show different stories from different people. In my opinion, the lines are virtual, same as people’s regrets, why do I want to add virtual elements to my work? I put people together with their regrets, through the incorporation of fictional elements into the realm of art theory, let moving images show people’s memories better.  

The project combines photographic and other techniques to produce expanded photography, let the image convey more information. Next is creating a dialogue with people featured in this project, such that these images represent their memories, regrets. The most interesting thing for me is that my work expressed an imagination in flux, I am very happy if people get a lot of different information from my work. 


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