My project name for the exhibition is “Old meets New”. This is an interview video, as the name shows, about what changes have taken place in the lives of different interviewees from the year of birth to the present.  

I was inspired by the video “Old meets New” produced by Tokyo Tokyo team in Japan. In this video, the screen is divided into two parts. The left side shows the traditional culture 100 years ago, such as ancient temples, food in the past and flower arrangement art. The right side shows today’s superior life, such as games, concerts, high-rise buildings, etc.  

This gave me some inspiration. I think every region’s past situation and evolution are very important and should be understood by more people. Because of the inconvenience of traditional culture to shoot decades ago, so I decided to take the form of interview and invite five Chinese people to shoot the theme, asking them to describe the differences between the past and the present way of life. I tried to add a split screen to the interview.  

I think this project reflects the characteristics of my detailed study and practice, many attempts and the concrete implementation of some creative ideas as an artist. In my preparatory work, I studied the use of split screen in some famous movies, and got some inspiration from them, such as dynamic split screen and the role of split screen. This enhanced my understanding of art and aesthetics. During the shooting process, I conducted many tests, adjusting the position of the interviewees and the brightness of the lights. In pursuit of higher sound quality, I used a more professional device, a lapel microphone. In the post-production, I made more precise adjustments according to the shooting materials, trying to add split screen, hand-paintings and other elements to the video, to provide good viewing experience for the audience. 



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