PROJECT TITLE: Still Plymouth 


The name of my work is Still Plymouth and it is a creative film, I take photos for Plymouth, then compose a video by stop motion animation. It records many scenes about Plymouth from day to night. The shooting includes some representative scenes, such as the lighthouse in Plymouth, the pedestrians on the street, churches in Plymouth, Barbican and the gates of different apartments.  

My inspiration came from the photos I saw on the Instagram of a group of many taxi drivers by Peter Funch. He is a photographerhe was on the same street corner, the same time period, meet the same group of people from 2007 to 2016and take photos. The reason i choose stop motion animation is I want to try a new way to do this project, to challenge myself and to attract people’ attention.  

This video is an imaginary journey in Plymouth. It shows Plymouth in all directions, not just one aspect. It is Plymouth in my eyes. 


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