“A Cat’s Tale” is a short film about the story of a lovelorn girl and an abandoned cat who cure and company each other through the dark times. Its unique characteristic is that the story is narrated from the perspective of a cat.  

I am a cat owner, and I often find the relationship between human and pets is fascinating. I am curious about how cats think about human behaviour and how they express their feelings. Therefore, I choose to produce a film from the cat’s point of view. This combines my passion of film studies with my interest in storytelling from the perspective of animals, showing the emotional evocative power and some interesting dimensions behind visual images.  

I hope this immersive and poetic film can enable the audiences to place themselves in the character of the cat so that they can feel the emotion and relationship between human and cats. Meanwhile, I hope my film can bring some warmth to the audiences and convey a positive energy to inspire them to pay more attention to small but powerful love and keep the passion for life all the time. 


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