PROJECT TITLE: Between The Extremes – A Simon Cohen Film 


Between the Extremes is a short video art film exploring concepts of human biology in comparison to human made technology, juxtaposed with the combination of technology and humans to create artificial intelligence and the humanoid. 

The film represents aesthetically the concepts of how the brain and eye produces images in comparison to the camera, to ask which visual presentation is ‘real’ or the ‘true state’ of the world we live in, from the camera or the eye. 

Between the Extremes poses many questions and possible alternatives to how we perceive our reality and physical environment around us. If our current or future technologies produce a more accurate presentation of the world than the human body and mind can produce, it could uncover a radically new perspective and change the way we think about the world we live in. 

However the rise of technology’s latest birth of automated artificial intelligence that is growing ubiquitously in all domesticated convenience technologies, also poses challenges to our democracy, privacy, identity, behaviour and society choosing and shaping our lives for us, re-writing what it is to be human. 

The film highlights how we live Between the Extremes of light and shadow, sound and silence, touch and space, where the senses and electrical signals shape our reality and perception. But asks before our technology tries to wield the extreme, can we manipulate our technology for the good of all humankind before it irreversibly controls us. 

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