I will show the MEDI603 independent project. It is a short film about a boy lifestyle. The story is talking about a boy who went abroad to study. It is the first time came to this strange country without friends and background, different languages, different cultures, which made the boy have no interest in this city. Besides, He was very confused with his carer future and trying to waste time during the Plymouth. But in the end, because after going through somethings, He realized that he was wrong and gradually grew up to find the goal of life. I think the meaning of this film is good, and I hope that some people who have lost their goals can find their way again. Besides, the picture is relatively smooth, the plot is also very reasonable, and the sound and the picture are also opposite. It is worth to watching. I will also share my personal website. There is a collection of photos in it. It is a building with different national symbols and some landscape well as some GIF photos. There is also a promotional advertising and a music movie.  

My inspiration originated from a cinema movie in China. His name is a Chinese partner. It was produced by director Chen Kaige based on real events. Very similar to my work, so I decided to learn some from it. 



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