PROJECT TITLE: Leaving&離開 


Sussman points out that the transformation of cultural identity and the adjustment of the urban system become the two most important factors that influence the immigration of Hong Kong people in his book (Sussman,2010) as we all know, in 1997, Hongkong back to China. Before 1997, Hongkong is one of the UK over a hundred years. Because of the different social systems, many Hongkong people are anxious about returning to China. Notably, middle-class and wealthy people.  

In 1992 to 1997, more than six hundred thousand Hongkong people choose to move to other countries. Plymouth is also home to many Hong Kong immigrants, most of whom immigrated to Britain around 1997. Cultural identity has become their most significant problem in UK life. Older people still consider themselves Chinese, even though they now have British passports. Young people don’t think so, because they grew up in the UK, were educated in the UK, and had a high recognition of British culture. In my works, I try to understand the living situation of Hong Kong immigrants in Plymouth and how the British view Hong Kong immigrants through interviews. 


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