A audio-visual piece made to represent over-stimuli and grandiosity through the use of Adobe After Effects and Illustrator based animation. The project focuses on themes of space, existentialism, sublimity and psychedelia. An attempt to create something representing a visual overload in both minimalism and maximalist visuals and aesthetics through the use of technology, both in fiction and the reality of the production.  

All visuals, audio and concepts were produced entirely independently. Lucidity is the conclusion to years of trial and error-based work using some of the most advanced animating and post-editing tools available. Inspired by classic works of modern film such as Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, as well as contemporary philosophical thought and counter-cultural ideas, Lucidity attempts to visualize an idea often considered to be unpresentable in visual media.  

How much detail can one comprehend. From the minimalist fractal atmosphere of stars to the bursting, rapidly evolving kaleida of the psychedelic illustrator animated visuals, Lucidity is a test of just how much colour, vibrancy and scale we as human beings can perceive at once.  

Lucidity: ‘The quality of being able to think clearly, especially when this is temporary’. Cambridge Dictionary. 


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