My main theme in life has been where science meets art by way of technology. That interest led to a long and enjoyable career in Entertainment Lighting, helping to make shows all over the world. More recently I decided to add filmmaking as a set of skills, which has also been a very enjoyable experience, see  

AcI-Art 1’ evolved out of an initial enquiry into ‘Accidental Art’, being when the outcome wasn’t as originally intended by the artist. Then, by chance, during my research process I came across an AI Art piece by Mario Klingemann, ‘Memories of Passerby 1’. This was in the news because it was going to auction at Sotheby’s as only the 2nd piece of AI Art onto the market.  

This led me to the idea that not only could Art be influenced by way of random chance occurring in the output process; it could now be created by way of random chance in the input process.  

What you see are pairs of ‘Fake Faces’ that have been created by Artificial Intelligence. I have not chosen the sequences within the inputs, that was done by pulling numbers out of a hat. Nor have I used any aesthetic judgement as to the look of the output that then appeared.  

Despite knowing that, what became interesting was my instinct to try and create a ‘narrative’ and possible relationships between the pairs, even though they are people which do not actually exist and so have no connection to each other.  

The outcome has been accidentally arrived at via technology by way of Artificial Intelligence. But, is it Art? 



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