PROJECT TITLE: Power of Colour 


This is a 4 minute’ film about feeling power of colour through hearing and tasting. There are two parts in this film. The first part is about hearing colour. There are three representative colours with suitable music to express three different colour semiotics, and people could know what colour it is from the music. Another part is about tasting colour. This part is happened in the supermarket. There are three representative food in the supermarket to express three basic taste – sour, spicy and sweet. In this part, colour was related to food, and audience could know what color it is from the reflection of food that is tasting.  

The idea come from my previous project that i designed posters for the colour-blind, and I have researched about synesthesia. So, I hope that people can enjoy colour through other senses not only sight. I also was attracted by ‘Infra’ which is a photographic series by Richard Moss. I found that colour have ability to express mood in photography. This film can totally represent my artist style – relaxed and fresh. Although it is my first time to try drawing in the film, I also find my style in the developing process.  

This film can show my creative and ambitious ideas about broking the tradition. 


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