This is a one-minute stop motion animation with cohesion as the theme. Colourful colour matching, unexpected lens movement are the characteristics of this project. In line with the different pictures, I used the sound effects of different instruments, from the combination of visual and auditory, I hope that the audience can experience my project in all aspects.  

This project was inspired by La Fontaine’s Fables by the French writer Jean de La Fontaine. This fable tells that the old man educated his three sons to be united before his death. I combined the PES video with reference to the Barcelona music festival, produced using Dragon frame and Premiere Pro. This is anthropomorphic. Lego in different colours symbolizes the different skill areas of human. The length of Lego symbolizes the difference in human ability. In society, Cohesion is indispensable. Each LEGO block came from a different place, some of them came from the bowl, some of them came from the book. Such as person, different people from different places. 

               “All power is weak unless to be united.”  

The Lego model that eventually came together in my project symbolized the victory of unity. People learn from each other’s strengths, just like the length of the LEGO block is complementary. I hope that audiences can feel the meaning of what I want to convey through my project and feel interesting. 



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