Lara Smith has practical experience in cinematography and photography. Due to the nature of her formative experiences, she is a well-rounded individual that loves all things creative. Before University she primarily focused on photography as a medium, and had a background in fine art. Her eye for composition and the skills she has learnt within photography and fine art over the years have been easily transferable to cinematography. Lara is majorly inspired by Rut Blees Luxemburg who primarily shoots at Night and has an Urban Cinematic style, this night/urban style is heavily featured in Lara’s work. As well as creating artistic cinematic films, Lara enjoys creating documentaries too.  

‘Home’ is a 5-minute documentary about Expatriates living in the UK. Sparked by the imminent Brexit deal, Lara wanted to gain an insight into Expatriate’s thoughts upon Britain leaving the EU to thought provoke the audience into thinking about how they’ll be affected by Brexit.  

Home highlights the differences between how Dubai and Britain both face similar issues regarding their national identity, yet both countries go about it in different ways. 


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