PROJECT TITLE: Hello, World 


The project is inspired by Plato’s allegory of the cave in which prisoners chained from birth in an underground chamber interpret the shadow they see on the wall is the whole of reality. For many years, human beings lived in the dark ‘cave’ of restricted access to information – the only way to learn reality is to touch the real world. Whereas nowadays people are passively spoon-fed virtual ‘reality’ from new media which may be controlled by others in propose. It seems to me that the access to true information is still restricted, and we are still in the cave like the prisoners of the Plato’s Cave.  

However, on the other hand, the virtual ‘reality’ reconstructed by the new media has gradually become one part of the real world. It becomes a true reality. We cannot leave new media in this era. It makes us see far and hear more. It changed our DNA to ‘New media DNA’. We are not people. We are ‘New media’ people. The person who does not use new media to learn the world seems to be the one who is in the cave. For people coming from ‘Newer media’ era, we are still in the cave, but for the world without new media, we have already escaped from the cave.  

Probably there is no cave at all. Only the next generation of people will think the former one is in the cave. Actually, there is only endless evolution of media, people and the real world… 


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