My video is based on mobile phones. The story of this video is divided into two clues. The first story is that the actor did not bow his head to use the mobile phone, met the heroine who fell, ran over to lift her up, and then the two fell in love. The second story is that the actor bows his head and uses the mobile phone. He does not see the girl falling and misses the opportunity to meet the woman. My inspiration for this film comes from two aspects. The first aspect is my own experience. The first thing I did when I got up in the morning was to watch the video on my mobile phone. The first thing I did when I was bored was to take the phone out of my pocket. I think my phone has changed my life. The second aspect is inspired by a video called “How is you phone changing you? “This video focuses on the four effects that mobile phones bring to people. The first effect is that using the phone for a long time can make the neck feel sore. The second effect is that the phone may make you near-sighted. The third effect is that the content in the phone will make the brain feel happy, so people will choose to play on the phone instead of reading and exercising in their leisure time. The fourth effect is that the screen of the phone releases blue light, which will reduce the quality of sleep and increase the chance of illness. Therefore, I hope that through this story, people will realize the impact of mobile phones on people, and more importantly, encourage people to let go of their mobile phones and face-to-face communication with friends around them. 


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