PROJECT TITLE: Nowhere to Hide 


Nowhere to Hide is a short 360° film expressing the effects of climate change on our wildlife. The film uses poetry to explore the dangers of our changing climate on the wildlife that keeps us and our planet alive. Wildlife in the UK is suffering increasingly, thanks to climate change and other man-made environmental changes. There is an ongoing debate about the consequences of climate change and activists around the world are campaigning for something to be done. My project will explore the concerns surrounding declines in wildlife populations with a focus on UK birdlife. It intends to join and support the worldwide campaign in promoting the dangers of our future as a result of climate change.  

The aims of the project are to ‘Produce an immersive, interactive piece of work’, ‘Tell a powerful story that can be recognised as important to the audience’, and ‘Portray how the effects of climate change can, in turn, affect us’. The film aims to accomplish these through a blend of an engaging story, immersive 360-degree footage, and captivating poetic narration.  

Issie Cox is a Freelance Creative Media Producer who dabbles in multiple formats of media. From wedding videography to motion graphics, Issie continues to evolve her skillset and this project is a testament to her growing portfolio. 


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