PROJECT TITLE: Perception 


‘Perception’ is a short psychological horror film, which metaphorically depicts issues of mental health.  

A woman’s life becomes increasing afflicted by a disturbing demonic being. Is she truly being haunted by an unhuman presence, or has she simply developed another damaged, unrecognisable part of herself? ‘ 

Perception’ aims to subvert traditional portrayals of the horror genre, using its motifs to push boundaries and convey underlying messages about real world issues.  

Specifically, the film aims to subtly explore mental disorders (such as Anxiety Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder) in a hyperbolised, allegorical manner.  

On the surface, ‘Perception’ appears to revolve around a woman who is being haunted and all-consumed by a horrifying, unhuman doppelgänger figure. Whilst ‘Perception’ is purposely open to interpretation and equivocal in its meaning, on a deeper level it could be read as a visual depiction of a woman’s decline in mental health; with the unhuman doppelgänger figure, representing another unrecognisable side of herself emerging within her.   

Simply, the transient, frightening figure that she sees in her delirium, could be interpreted as a physical representation of her mental disorders, which are literally “haunting” her life. 


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