PROJECT TITLE: Chinese students lifestyle in Plymouth 


In my independent creative project, I will produce a short documentary that combines interviews and observations to describe the lifestyle of Chinese students in the city of Plymouth and how to solve some of the difficulties in life and study and the joy of integrating with non-Chinese friends.  

I want to explore the misconception that coming to the UK as a Chinese study is easy, many parents will force their children to go abroad to study, thinking it is the best choice. But they don’t know that because everyone has different personalities and will face different difficulties under different circumstances, not everyone is suitable for studying abroad, and not everyone who studies abroad can get a better future. The first purpose is to tell Chinese parents that choosing to go abroad is a problem worth con- sideling, and also to let them know how Chinese students live abroad. There are many Chinese students in Plymouth, England, but the local students don’t know how they learn how to live and study.  

The second purpose is to make local students understand the lifestyle of Chinese overseas students, better integrate into the big environment, cooperate with each other, and integrate into each other, so as to improve their ability and improve the learning atmosphere and I want to accumulate experience in filming and learn about how to shoot documentary and improve some skills and methods for filming documentary. 



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