PROJECT TITLE: (Anti)Social Network 


My work is an interactive exhibition and its focus is to discover whether mobile phones are a social object or an anti-social one. I will be accomplishing this by using photography as my medium.  

These ideas about phones often come to me, however this time I was sat in a cinema waiting for a film to start and the majority of people were sat on their phones. Some on dates, some with family, yet they were all ignoring each other. This led me to think about whether we do use our phones too much or whether it is exaggerated.  

I think this work represents me as an artist pretty well as I think it conveys that I am inquisitive and determined as I will find an answer to my questions. I also love to document things so that I can hopefully make an impact with the work I create and document for the viewers to learn or to even produce wonder about my work. 


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